Some links don’t work! Others lead to the wrong sites like Global Test Market!

The two most common reasons for these are as follows.
(1) The offer is not available for your region. Thus, you have been redirected to a generic page such as Global Test Market or google.
(2) We made an error. If you feel this is the case, please contact us about it right at the bottom of this page.

Why are my searches showing no results?

This means that there aren’t any offers exactly matching all your requirements. However, you could always find other offers available to you by relaxing criteria. For example, instead of completing all fields in the search box you may consider completing lesser fields. Here is how you can do it.

In the above image, we had inputted criteria for all search fields. If this does not yield any results, then perhaps removing one field and searching again may help. In the image below, we have left the Rewards field empty and continued to search for Country and Offer Type.

Can you explain what the different Offer Types on your site mean?

We continuously strive to expand the variety of Offer Types. We currently offer the following:

(1) Surveys: Completing questions in return for rewards.
(2) Sweepstakes: Providing relevant information to enter a contest where prizes will be awarded to winners.
(3) Browser Add-ons: Installation of an application on your device such as your web browser, PC, phone etc.