About us

Frustrated by the amount of money you are making? Always wanted to make more money? Or make money on the side?

Well we have been there before and we hear you. Our salaries were not allowing us to lead the lives we wanted so we started finding additional sources of income.

We tried dozens of different methods of making money online and found the best ways to make money on the side:

Online Surveys and Sweepstakes. Why?

Completing these offers does not even feel like real work. You get to make money simply by giving your opinion or providing simple information. What’s more it can be done anywhere (even at office), is quick and requires absolutely no investment. What’s there not to like about it?

Which is why we started Survey Sloth to help people like you make money online. We collect offers that allow you to make more money online quickly and absolutely free.

Imagine earning an additional $50, $200 or even $500 per month from just an hour of work each day. How good is that? How great is that compared to wasting time on activities like watching television?

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